Bioprinting Revolution

We create complex biological cell culture systems using our proprietary stereolithography-based bioprinting platform. We produce structures containing embedded cells as well as cell-free biopolymer scaffolds.


High resolution printing with 10 um accuracy


Mechanically integrated multimaterial objects


High cell viability and long-term survival


Rapid printing of large structures

Our platform defines the benchmark in quality, speed and accessibility for three-dimensional cell culture systems. Based on a proprietary printing technology and various bioinks, we create next generation products for multiple applications in biomedical research and tissue engineering. Cellbricks' vision is to help improve human health by providing ground-breaking tools to researchers worldwide.

Cell Culture Products

Cellbricks' 3D printed biopolymer scaffolds offer a 3D cell culture environment for your preferred cell types. Develop your own culture models, such as organoids and disease models, using biologically relevant architecture and materials.


The Membrick is a truly biological barrier model. It is a cell culture insert that allows you to co-culture two cell types on either side of a biopolymer membrane, and allows for in situ microscopy of cells in culture.


The Haemobrick provides a 3D cell culture environment for suspension and adherent cells in co-culture. The Haemobrick provides sheltered microenvironments for close interactions of cells in co-culture for more biologically relevant outcomes.


Want to add vascularization to the cell culture model you are already using? The Vascubrick allows you to culture your preferred cell type adjacent to vascular channels. Endothelial cells can be cultivated in the channels, creating a vascularized co-culture model.

3D bioprinting is a key technology to resolve a variety of medical challenges. 3D printed cell structures simulating human tissues and organs are transforming drug development and fundamental research. First we overcome animal based drug testing, then we revolutionize individual medical treatment.

We already provide this technology to researchers and biologists, making the creation of physiological tissues easy and accessible.


Lutz Kloke

CEO & Founder

Alexander Thomas


Tobias Lam


Anna-Klara Amler


Aramis Bolaños


Chris Palmer

Head of Product

Michel-Andreas Geiger