Next Generation Bioprinting

We create complex biological cell culture systems applying our proprietary stereolithography-based bioprinting platform.


Print objects with resolutions of up to 10 µm with high reproducibility.


Cellbricks raises standards in bioprinting speeds.


Use multiple bioinks simultaneousely during the printing process – resulting in a continuous and mechanically integrated object.


High cell viability and long-term survival.


Seamless integration through our web API.


User-friendly software for an easy and fast access to bioprinting.

Our platform defines the benchmark in quality, speed and accessibility to three-dimensional cell culture systems. Based on a proprietary printing technology and various bioinks, we create next generation products for multiple applications in biomedical research and tissue engineering. Cellbricks’ vision is to help improving human health by bringing synthetic organs to reality.

From information to life

From the CAD model to an integrated functional human tissue using Cellbricks‘ technology.

  1. Assign the Bioinks to the desired 3D CAD model.

  2. Simply print your organ model.

  3. Cultivate your model.

  4. Integrate your printed mini-organ into the desired application,
    e.g. organ-on-a-chip systems.


Cellbricks – is excellence in bioinks, bioprinting and services. Combining these three essentials, we enable researchers to engineer functional human tissues and organ models.


We create specific bioinks, the basis of your 3D cell culture – cell-friendly, flexible and applicable to a variety of use cases.


Cellbricks develops bioprinters to print living tissue fast, in high resolution and easy to scale up.

Tools & Services

We provide the toolchain around 3D bioprinting: from parametric CAD modeling to cloud services.

3D bioprinting is a key technology to resolve a variety of medical challenges. 3D printed cell structures simulating human tissues and organs are changing the way drugs are designed. First we overcome animal based drug testing, next we revolutionize individual medical treatment.

We already provide this technology to researchers and biologists – making the creation of physiological tissues easy and accessable.

Team Cellbricks

The Team

Lutz Kloke

CEO & Founder

Anna-Elisabeth Kreuder

Molecular Biologist

Alexander Thomas


Tobias Lam


Anna-Klara Amler


Benjamin Noichl


Chris Palmer

Head of Product


Our partners

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Our lab team partners with biologists to develop and proof use-cases for our technology.
If you have an idea how our technology might save your world do not hesitate to contact us.
We would love to hear from you.

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