The 3D scaffold for suspension & adherent cell co-culture

Seed cells in seconds, culture for weeks

Culture any suspension cell type

Biomimetic scaffold for 3D culture

The Haemobrick is a cell culture scaffold that provides a 3D cell culture environment for suspension and adherent cells. The Haemobrick collects suspension cells in sheltered areas where they create their own biologically relevant microenvironments.

Anatomy of a Haemobrick

The dorsally located seeding port enables easy cell seeding.

The internal culture area contains crescent shaped microbays that form microenvironments.

Works with Suspension and Adherent Cells

B-cells (suspension), brightfield, 10x

Primary human fibroblasts (adherent), brightfield, 10x

The Haemobrick is made of a gelatin-based biopolymer matrix that provides a biocompatible substrate for a wide variety of cell types. It can be used to culture suspension cells, adherent cells, or both cell types in co-culture.

Easy Cell Seeding

2x, B-Cells, Brightfield

10x, B-Cells, Brightfield


Curved microbay structures collect suspension cells and provide sheltered areas for cells to thrive and multiply.

Cells then create their own microenvironment.

Cells in each microbay are free to move to another microbay or the surrounding area, allowing for migration assays.

Compatible with Existing Assays

Metabolic Assays


Brightfield Microscopy

Fluorescent Microscopy

Confocal Microscopy

Two Photon Microscopy

RNA/DNA Isolation

RNA/DNA Sequencing